3D Movies . . .

I’ve been watching too many films in the recent years but I don’t always write my opinion about them unless they’re either very good or very bad… Sometimes, I’m just too bored to write. LoL!

Animated films are still my favorite among all the other genres. I am a big fan of PIXAR and Dreamworks. It’s a good thing that other companies are also trying out their hands on 3D films — such as Disney, BlueSky and some others I can’t remember at the moment.

Anyway …

These are some of the not-so-recent movies that caught my attention but I’m too bored to write an article for each of them. LoL!

Tangled is a story about Rapunzel, a girl who dreamed of seeing “the stars” that mysteriously appear during her birthday. With the help of Flynn Rider, she not only discovered what those mysterious stars were, she also found out that the world around her is much more different than how her mother described it.

It’s perfect as Disney’s 50th animated film! Story, animation, voice acting and musical scoring — they all get 5 STARS from me.

I give it :

Megamind is the “Master of All Villainy” who has superb intellect and the ability to invent many gadgets which he ultimately use to try and defeat Metroman, the “Hero of Metrocity”. Of course, he always fails and ends up in jail everytime. He’s actually okay with that routine. Although, there was a sudden turn of events and Megamind was caught off-guard. These caused more havoc than what he expected so he tried his best to get everything “back to the way they used to be.”

This movie’s trailer is really misleading — in a good kind of way. Just like Megamind, viewers will not get what they were actually expecting about the story. LoL!

I give it :


Despicable Me starts out with Gru trying to impress his mother by being the number one villain. Unfortunately, he’s been defeated by Vector, who’s the real number one villain. Gru then schemes in outsmarting Vector with the aid of three orphans – Margo, Edith and Agnes. The three girls soon brought out Gru’s softer side. Gru then had to choose between being a good father or just continue his bad reputation.

This film had very impressive trailers. However, due to the massive number of trailers, one can practically put together the bits and pieces and find out what the film is all about. The good parts of the film were already in the trailer that’s why when I was watching the film, I mostly had the “. . .” expression.

I give it :


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