Photography: Learning Process . . .

Studying the art of photography is difficult yet fun. I am not enrolled in any workshop or what-not so I rely on myself and my buddies for tips.

Aside from occasional “How To” questions I throw at my colleagues, I also browse helpful websites tackling photography.

One such online tutorial I frequently visit is the Camera Labs. They have basic tips on photography and they also have an online forum where other photographers (both amateur and professional) share their ideas and experiences.

I hope in becoming as efficient in photography as I am in PhotoShop. LoL!

These are some of the shots I took on our recent trip to La Mesa Eco Park.

A portrait of my younger sister.

Macro shots bring out the beauty in the littlest of things.

I don't think landscape photography will be my forte.

This is one of the few decent "Action shots" I took. I rested the dSLR on my arm as I speedily moved it from one side of the room to another.


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