Brunch ( Tokyo Café & Conti’s ). . .

My high school friends and I celebrated our uber-delayed Christmas Party by going to SM-North (The Block) and having brunch in Tokyo Café. We also headed to TrinoMa and had dessert in Conti’s.


I love dining in Tokyo Café because they serve delicious food all the time. I still ordered their patty but this time I tried the Hamburg and Shrimp. My friends ordered pasta (forgot what it’s called), Beef Al Ajilo and Pork Shoga Yaki.

The Hamburg and Shrimp's patties and side dishes are very delicious but I disliked the taste of the Ebi Tempura dipped in Caesar's Salad.

The Pork Shoga Yaki is kinda sweet and tender. I didn't like the potato salad, though.

Beef Al Ajilo -- I'm unsure of the name. Clari said this is the beef counterpart of the Pork Shoga Yaki. It tastes good!

I can't remember the name of this Bolognese-ish pasta.

Of course, my meal will not be complete without this. ♥


The customer service we received in Conti’s was very unsatisfactory. The guard (who was acting like a waiter) forgot to take down our names so instead of us being third in the queue, a group who came after us were served first. It also took them more than ten minutes to serve the food we ordered. Aside from these, their comfort rooms are so dirty! It’s a good thing that their pastries are delicious, otherwise the long and strenuous walk from SM-North to TrinoMa was just a waste. I can recommend their pastries, but dining in is a big no-no.

This is the first time I tasted a Blueberry Cheesecake and I really liked it.

Their Tiramisu is quite soft, compared to those that we purchase elsewhere.

The Mango Bravo is Conti's best seller pastry. This is one of the biggest "casual" cakes I've seen as well. It tastes good.

Black Gulaman & Sago ... too sweet.


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