Epiphany . . .

☜ Epiphany ☞

Ever since I got immersed with cosplaying and the fascinating world of photography, I’ve been very eager in getting my own dSLR and be a photographer myself. Unfortunately, I am not very good at saving money and I don’t want to hog my parents’ cash just for this.

I initially bought a Canon IXUS 850 IS because it’s comparable to a dSLR (at that time) but my little sister busted the lenses so I can no longer use it properly. Dad recently gave me an OLYMPUS FE-4000 but it’s too crappy.

It’s a good thing that a colleague informed me of BPI’s 3x S.I.P. Limit promo. I had my mind set on purchasing a dSLR ASAP! When I got home, I immediately called BPI’s  customer service to inquire and I felt so happy when the agent said that I am qualified for the said promo!

I asked my little sister to go shopping with me then and there. We only had two hours left before SM Fairview closes! LoL!

We scouted some accredited shops and they basically had the same price range. I trust nothing but Canon when it comes dSLRs. Canon doesn’t compromise quality even though it’s much cheaper than its other competitors. I bought a Canon EOS 500D because that’s the only one that my SIP can cover. LoL!

I can’t give detailed reviews or opinions about this camera just yet because I am not a skillful photographer. I’ll study and practice some more before I say anything else about it. For now, I’m just happy I can finally take good reso shots and do minimal veeeerrryyy minimal to no editing.

* Epiphany is the name of my camera.

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