Sushi-Ya (Late Night Dinner 11) . . .

☺ california maki + tamago sushi + kakiage ☺

Today is Dada’s birthday so he asked me to pick a place where we can have din-din. It’s his treat and he agreed that we can go fancy tonight. Some of the choices I had were Saisaki and Okuya. Unfortunately, Saisaki’s on the far end of SM Megamall and Okuya turned out to be a stall in the food court (Dada dislikes crowded areas). The only other choice I could think of was Sushi-Ya. Their service is good and the prices are affordable.

Last time I stepped foot in Sushi-Ya was seven years ago.  This is the first ever Japanese restaurant I went to but today is only my second time dining in. Why? Let’s just say that there are some events in the past that are best untold. ☻


☻ tonkatsu curry ☻

We ordered California Maki, Tamago Sushi, Tonkatsu Curry and Kakiage. They all look delicious but I guess we expected too much. I liked the California Maki and the Tamago Sushi. The curry, on the other hand,  is yummy but there’s so much going on so I only had a few bites and I got fed up already. The kakiage is very bland. Dada said it’s like 80% potato and only 20% for the other vegetables. It’s much worse than the one in Teriyaki Boy.

We finished our meals in less than 20 minutes. We didn’t enjoy the food that much so I don’t think there will be a reason for us to return here.

We had fun taking pictures, though. ☻


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