Routine — Cuddling . . .

Sleeping, bathing, tooth-brushing, eating, breathing, walking to school or to the office, doing chores, finishing tasks, communicating and mingling with other people — these are just some of the things that we do on a regular basis in order to live.

Life itself is a routine. Sometimes, these routines tend to be boring. What we need to do is add up some spice for them not to be boring.

These are some repetitive things that I enjoy doing…



Believe it or not, being in a relationship can be a chore. I know a lot of people who were in a relationship for three years or more who’d suddenly break-up with their boyfriends or girlfriends. When I asked them why, they told me the same answer — “He/She is getting boring.”

It’s understandable if a break-up is caused by a third-party or by irreconcilable differences… but boredom as a reason is beyond my comprehension. As Dada quotes it, “If you find your boyfriend boring, then why did you go with him in the first place?”

I must admit, it also crossed my mind that my relationship with Dada is becoming dull because we only get to do the usual things — plan our once-a-week get together, watch movies, have late night din-dins, go shopping, or play online games. We do these even on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. We rarely go out-of-town or visit places.

I guess, the key to preventing boredom is to know where your partner is coming from. Communication helps a lot in settling dilemmas (then add a lot of hugs and kisses).

Whenever I am frustrated or whenever I think Dada’s becoming too lazy, I often snarl at him and tell him how I feel. He will always explain his side and I try my best to understand him (although I’m usually stubborn and deaf when I’m angry). Dada is an introvert and he is content with our usual activities. There are also times when he can’t think of any ideas so he relies on me to fill in for him. Sometimes, he wants to get my input first before he can formulate a plan. With that said, I’m mostlydoing the planning and he’s the one doing everything else. LoL!

“Sometimes, the boring things in life are the ones we remember the most.”Russell, UP (Pixar)


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This is in response to the 30-days blogging challenge.


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