Routine — Blogging . . .

Sleeping, bathing, tooth-brushing, eating, breathing, walking to school or to the office, doing chores, finishing tasks, communicating and mingling with other people — these are just some of the things that we do on a regular basis in order to live.

Life itself is a routine. Sometimes, these routines tend to be boring. What we need to do is add up some spice for them not to be boring.

These are some repetitive things that I enjoy doing…



From grade school up ’til high school, we were required by the teachers to write on our school-mandated diaries and take into account the things that happened each day. Failure to put an entry merits a detention. I only have a few friends and I seldom tell my secrets and frustrations to anyone. It was my diary who’d know it firsthand — followed by our class adviser. LoL! Since then, I’ve been fond of writing journals.

My first blog...

My buddies introduced me to VOX way back in 2007. Since blogs serve as a virtual counterpart of a diary, I’ve also been addicted to it. I  then transferred to WordPress when VOX closed down. Hopefully, they don’t share the same fate.


Blogging is therapeutic for me. Same as before, I only have a few friends and I am an introvert. I am better at writing than actually uttering the words. My blog serves as an outlet of my thoughts. If I want my own feelings and opinions to come across, this is where I primarily post it.


NEXT: Cuddling . . .

This is in response to the 30-days blogging challenge.


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