Regrets . . .

I never had major regrets although there are instances wherein I ‘ll think of my past decisions or doings as a waste of my time, money or effort.

These are some of the things I did that made me upset …

  • I should never have bought a Philips GoGear Spark. I should’ve invested my money for an iPod. My DAP began malfunctioning a few months after I bought it. The fault is irritating but tolerable.
  • I should never have trusted headphones other than those from Sennheiser. The Audio-Technica ATH-SJ1 I bought was a waste of moneysomewhat. I gave it to my younger sister as a present.
  • I should’ve saved up money to buy my own dSLR.
  • I should’ve stuck to my diet so my face and tummy will not bloat.
  • I should’ve organized or attended at least one photoshoot.
  • I should’ve grabbed the collar and kicked the a$$ of that guy who rammed me with his motorbike.


Anyway, these’re what’s on top of my head.

The one other thing that I pondered on for a very long time is my otaku side.

What could’ve happened if I am not into animé and computer games? Prolly, I’ll be a beauty pageant freak or a fashionista or someone famous. LoL!

The only thing is, if I wasn’t an otaku, I may never have met my Dada. He’s contributed much to me. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if he’s not even a part of it.

Like what’s engraved on the personalized key-chain I gave him …

“If the things that happened to me never happened … I would never have met you, I would neve have your love and I will never know the true meaning of happiness.”™


This is in response to the 30-days blogging challenge.


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