New Year’s Resolution 2011 . . .

I am not the optimistic type of person. I rely on past events to forecast what lies ahead. Most of the time, I have the “hope for the best but expect the worst” mindset so I will not get disappointed if things do not happen as planned.

These are what I want to achieve this year.

  • EXERCISE & DIET. I’ll be gearing up, jog at least twice a week and do crunches daily before going to work. My nutritionist told me to stick with veggie salads and pasta. I guess I’ll also limit the caffeine and sweets intake. Wow, that’s hard since my boyfriend looooooves chocolates and I loooooovvvee coffee. GANBAREEEE!!!
  • SAVE UP. I’ll buff up my savings, limit the impulsive buying and hope that before the year ends, I’ll have enough money to keep my end of the bargain with Dada.
  • TRUST AND FAITH UNBENDING. Even though I observe a lot of negativity around me, what will matter in the end is what I believe in.
  • MOVE UP. I am very content with being an entry-level employee and I hate extra responsibilities but I do know that I am not getting any younger. I’ll strive to get a promotion this year.
  • DE-TROLL. I love blogging and joining forum discussions but I am mostly a troll. I will lessen the harsh criticisms and try to be more constructive. >:)


I consider my New Year’s Resolution as just a guide but I will try my best to achieve each and every one. LoL!

This is in response to the 30-days blogging challenge.


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