Tanabe Japanese Restaurant (Late Night Dinner 10) . . .

Mini-Katsudon Bento is looooovvveeee~ ♥

Mini-Katsudon Bento is looooovvveeee~ ♥

After Dada and I watched the Great American Circus, we roamed around MOA and looked for a place to eat. I originally wanted to have din-din in Teriyaki Boy but Dada said it’s crowded.

Dada then suggested that we eat in another Japanese Restaurant called Tanabe.

Just to be on the safe side, I ordered a usual meal — katsudon. Their bento contains katsudon, miso soup, vegetable salads, tofu jelly and a free scoop ice cream. I also ordered their Cherry shake.

I guess I was mistaken when I said that Komoro Soba has the best katsudon in the Metro. Tanabe’s katsudon is by far more delicious! I finished my bento in less than 30 minutes. LoL!


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