I’ve been using Citré Shine for almost a year because it’s recommended by my favorite  fashionista-photographer. However, most of their products smell soooo bad when being applied and they’re twice as expensive as our local shampoos and conditioners. I decided on trying out Creamsilk for a change.

A saleslady from SM Fairview noticed that I had the Creamsilk reSHAPE conditioner in my shopping basket so she approached me and said that I will get a free T-shirt if I reach a single receipt purchase of Creamsilk products amounting to Php 200. I fell in love with the t-shirt when she showed it to me so I asked my younger sister to pick the conditioner of her choice. The saleslady was very happy when she handed it to us. I think she will get a commission out of it or something. Hehe~

The fabric, if I’m not mistaken, is cotton. It’s very soft and the fit is nice. There’s a “Creamsilk Statements” print on the back collar but it’s covered by my long and beautiful hair. LoL!

Aside from this shirt, the lady also said that we’ll get a free Watson’s Journal and a wallet because we bought cosmetics amounting to more than Php 1500. I kept the journal but I gave the wallet to my mom because I know she needs it. Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ


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