Christmas Party 2010 ( VIVA LAS VEGAS! ) . . .

Whoever said plus-size women can't be sexy? ☻

The Preparation

Two months prior to the Christmas party, we were already given a heads-up regarding the theme and I was told that everyone abides by it. The theme this year is LAS VEGAS. I’ve sought aid online regarding this and the replies came fast. The problems are: 1) I have an over-protective boyfriend who mostly snarls at the sight of my flesh in public; and, 2) I’ve gained a lot of weight this year so finding a suitable dress was relatively difficult.

Toni (my friend) went shopping with me last November and we found a gorgeous cocktail dress and a snazzy pair of shoes in SM Fairview. Then, a few days before the event, Dada (my boyfriend) and I went to SM Megamall and he helped me pick the accessories I needed. I guess I spent more or less Php 3,000 for this ensemble.

I do not often show my teeth but that night was an exception.

The Make-Over

Kim (my colleague and fellow usherette) suggested that his friend can do our hair and make-up for Php 1,200. I agreed to it because I admired his make-over on last year’s party.

Our supposed-to-be meet-up time was around 1130AM but Kim was late for more than 30 minutes. Dennis (the make-up artist) was a bit furious  because he’s been waiting since 10AM. LoL! We also had mishaps with the traffic and choosing the right place to stay. The first two hotels we inquired were failures. Finally, we checked in the SHOGUN HOTEL for P1,200. We didn’t waste time because we only had three hours left before the event starts.

Rose (the hairstylist) didn’t consult me first what kind of hairdo I wanted so I got a bit skeptical. I was thinking of simple curls just like  my idol’s (Tricia Gosingtian) but I was surprised when she said she’s going to make it more poofy. I loved the outcome, though. I told Dennis I want smoky-eyes but he said those will not suit me. He was also very blunt when he said that he hated my eyebrows. LoL! I am very impressed with how these two professionals transformed me — even my boyfriend loved it!

from "Maangas" to "Matapang" LoL!

The Usherette

From about 530PM up to 845PM, I was in the registration booth giving employees their tickets to the event. It was both stressful and fun. I was only able to change my dress after my stint as an usherette.

Full story [here] …

The Chique

My confidence level that night was at its peak, possibly because I had that assurance that no one will ever recognize me other than my friends and colleagues. I didn’t really care even if my flabby arms and tan lines were showing. I’ve put so much effort on my looks and I wanted to show it off. My colleagues and I were all so beautiful that night and I am 100% sure of it. Rawr!

The Party

... with Sir Vitek and Ma'am AF ☻


Cosa Nostra --- Mafia Family

OCSI Colleagues

The SMX function hall is huge! I’ve been here countless times but I never thought that it’s this big — possibly because cosplayers and booths in animé conventions take up so much breathing space. AFAIK, there are about 1,500 people in that hall.

There’s also so much food but by the time I got there, the servings were already limited and cold. I only had mashed potato and orange juice. All else on my plate were trash.

What else happened? There were dance numbers, Mr and Ms OCSI, raffle draws and awarding ceremonies.

I was very disappointed with our own department’s performance, though. They actually required us to contribute Php50 each as support for these dancers yet their costumes are mere boof panties! A pair of these will cost no more than Php 400, unless they’re from Triumph or Victoria’s Secret. What’s more, their “interpretative” dancing was pathetic! It was a lame attempt to reenact Chicago.

Another group hogged the stage as if it was their own party going on. I despise people who do that, even more those who tolerate these attention whores.

It was a good thing that the last group to perform were awesome – including Dyosa (Logistics) and Kelly (Engineering). They really brought the house down!

During the raffle draws, my name was never called but the excitement surely was there. Five of my colleagues were lucky enough to get prizes.

The party ended a few minutes after midnight, with fireworks filling the skies of MOA.

The After-Party

My colleagues and I went to our boss’s house to celebrate our own Christmas party. I thought of going as well since they’ll be spending the team fund and I was hungry.

I enjoyed the food and their company but I was awake for almost 24 hours and it was not a good experience. I felt dead after two days! I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon.


ஜ Hair : Rose
ஜ Make-Up : Dennis Villegas
** they are part of the GMA-KAPUSO make-up department

۩ Cocktail Dress : Susto Manila
۩ Blouse (for the Usherette) : Crissa

۩ Shorts (for the Usherette) : ICM Department Store (Bohol)
۩ Shoes (not shown) : Cardams

۩ Necklace : Marcella
۩ Earrings, Bracelets, Boa and Panty Hose : SM Department Store (Megamall)




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