Christmas Party 2010 ( Usherette ) . . .

۩ LAS VEGAS Usherette ۩

Our management team began scouting for usherettes three weeks before the Christmas party. I was one of those who volunteered — primarily because they guaranteed us free make-up; and, because I wanted to do something different from my usual routine.

Planning Stage

During those weeks, we constantly held meetings with the organizers and the CEO. That was my first time mingling with people of high regard so I was both anxious and excited. Ma’am AF and the other organizers are actually nice so our conversations were very casual.

We were required to be in uniform (curly hair, white blouse, daisy dukes, mini top-hat, panty hose, stilettos, suspenders). I was frustrated because this is something I didn’t foresee and I already bought a dress for the party. The usherette get-up cost me more or less another Php 1,000 … On top of this, the “free make-up” was also disregarded because having that means the call-time would be four hours earlier than the event proper. Still, backing out was not an option. If I was just some random employee, maybe I would… but they all know me both by name and face so I just can’t! LoL!

Event Proper

Kim (my colleague and fellow-usherette) and I arrived in SMX around 530PM (later than the actual call-time) but we were still earlier than the others. Since the two usherettes in charge of the registration booth were MIA, I volunteered to fill-in. That was beneficial for me since I don’t need to move around so much and I get to interact with almost everybody.  The fun part about this is that most of my colleagues didn’t recognize me due to the heavy make-up and big poofy hair. LoL!

Ian (I think he’s one of the Engineers) asked me to help him in giving out the tickets. The first few minutes were stressful since we were not informed on how the ticketing system works — this was supposed to be distributed by the supervisors prior to the event but due to delays, we were forced to take care of the load. There were also some employees who were too pushy and bossy. Some idiots didn’t even know how to stand in line. If I was in my usual tough-bully-look then I would’ve told these worthless beings off but stooping down their level was not worth the effort.

After sometime, Sir Ed (Logistics), Sir Jr (Helpdesk) and the rest of the usherettes came and helped out. Although, after an hour or so, it was still Ian and I who were left in the registration booth. The rest of the usherettes helped the guests or guarded the raffle drum (raffle fish bowl in this case. LoL!).

I was about to give up, asking Ian if another usherette could fill in for me — because it was almost past 8PM and the deal we made with the organizers was that we’re only gonna be usherettes ’til 7PM. He kept saying “Not yet.” and “Don’t give up.” He seems to be a nice fellow so I stayed with him.

Around 945PM, he closed the registration booth and the feeling of relief finally dawned me. Ian and I gave each other a hug and we said “Good job!”

My task of being an usherette has finally ended and it was time for me to enjoy the Christmas Party too!


ஜ Hair : Rose
ஜ Make-Up : Dennis
** they are part of the GMA-KAPUSO make-up department

۩ Blouse : Crissa
۩ Shorts : ICM Department Store (Bohol)

۩ Necklace : Marcella
۩ Earrings & Bracelets : SM Department Store (Megamall)




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