Banana with Apple . . .

Lasagna Roll-Ups

It sounds kinky . . . ANYWAY…

My friends and I resolved that we’ll meet at least once a month – preferably after our payday – and have dinner together. We went to Chili’s last month. This time, we wanted to try our Banapple.

Gobblin' Goblin PieToni, Alex and I lounged in Starbucks around 830PM. We grabbed something to drink while waiting for Clari. I now only need 6 more stickers to get my own 2011 Planner. Teehee~ Around 1030PM, we headed to Banapple’s Katipunan branch.

Banapple serves cakes and pastries and they also have full meals with huge servings. The food is delicious and the price is reasonable enough. Although, it’s situated in a remote area where only private vehicles can travel so I doubt that I’d be returning here. What a waste. LoL!


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