The Savant . . .

Moonshadow is an Arisen Savant from the game Allods Online. She can be a DPS or a Healer depending on the situation. She is always seen with her trusted pet, Hellion.

I’ve been fascinated with summoners since I was in grade school. So, when there’s an MMORPG with such class, this always becomes one of my choices (with being the Support: Cleric/Priest/Healer as the first option).

The Summoner class is versatile and is a good support character in the absence of a Healer. Since Allods’ gameplay is much like World of Warcraft‘s (wherein players are better off questing than grinding; and that quests are done alone most of the time) then I knew I should pick a character that can both do damage (when questing) and heal (when raiding).

I’ve stopped playing Allods for the meantime because its graphics are way tooo heavy and causes my computer’s FPS to slow down. It’s very frustrating considering I already have an excellent video card and 3GB RAM in my rig!!!

Ah well.


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