The Head Turner

When Dada and I went to Festival Mall last Saturday, we stopped by PowerMac and that’s where I saw these gorgeous headphones! What caught my attention from the lot was the Sennheiser HD418. According to its product description on the box, its BASS rating is 8/10. Too bad they did not have one open for testing so I cannot guarantee if that rating is for real or if it doesn’t live up to my expectations. I included it on my Christmas Wishlist. Hehehe~

Two more days went by and I started feeling so uneasy. I was on my way home, walking in Robinson’s Galleria when I decided to check Digital Hub because I know that apart from PowerMac, this store is an official distributor of Sennheiser products and they have a testing area too. Lo and behold, they had one HD418 in their listening room!!! I leaped on their store and immediately connected the headphone to my DAP. I was completely blown away by the powerful BASS.  I knew I just had to own one!!! I also saw the PX100-II and its sound quality is much more defined than the HD418 but I grew tired of mini-headphones and earbuds. I dropped the PX100-II then paid for the HD418. I told the lady not to bother putting it back in the box because I will already use it.

My Sennheiser HD 418

My Sennheiser HD 418 when worn ♥


  • Compared to the other models from the HD Series that I have tried, this one has the most powerful bass. The sound quality is also as defined as my PX-100.
  • There’s little or no room for ambient noise. Hoorah!
  • Cushions are very comfortable. They don’t press down on my head nor ears even after many hours.
  • The prints are refreshing. This beats all those sub-standard SkullCandy and Mix-Style headphones that jejemons frequently wear. LoL!
  • It is a CERTIFIED HEAD-TURNER!!! Maybe because it’s huge while I’m petite. d(ಠ‿ಠ)b


  • The single-sided cable is too thin! One false move and it can snap.
  • The earpiece and headband are made of plastic that can easily be scratched or cracked.
  • The headband doesn’t have a complete fit. Adjusting it is also a pain.



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