Christmas Wishlist 2010 ! ! !

(´;ω;`)My Sennheiser PX100 has been with me for two years. I love this mini-headphone because it is small yet very powerful (like me… nyahahah).

I’ve had it repaired once because the wire became loose. I’ve also replaced the foamies several times because they kept deteriorating after a few months. Recently, the earpiece snapped from the headband and putting adhesives don’t work. I am unsure if I can still repair it. I think I’ll just keep it in my gadget storage until I have enough “working” resources.

Anyway, Christmas 2010 is nearly here and I have no gift for myself. I plan on buying a GE X5 but I don’t have enough cash for it just yet. maybe I’ll borrow from Dad and just pay him on a monthly-basis or use my credit card.

Aside from a new camera, these are the gadgets that I want to have …

Christmas Wishlist 2010


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