A4Tech HS-28-2 (Silver)

My PC’s headset got busted and that’s about the 10th or 11th that I purchased from CDR-KING. Each didn’t even last for two months. I also bought several keyboards from them and they didn’t last a week. I also bought a memory card reader from them and it cracked open after two or three months. I then realized that buying cheap products (both in terms of price and quality) whilst my siblings and I are rough-housing the computer all the time isn’t as practical as I hoped it would be.

Dada and I went to Festival Mall yesterday and we searched for good headsets in OCTAGON. I was contemplating on whether to get a new headset from Logitech or from A4Tech. My mouse and keyboard are from Logitech and I know that the quality is good, but there are some things I liked about the A4Tech HS-28-2.


  • HS-28 is circumaural and it comfortably fits my ears.
  • I am unsure if it has a noise-canceling feature but I heard very minimal ambient noise while playing my MP3s.
  • The ear cushions are washable.
  • The volume control is on the left earpiece. This eliminates the hassle of dangling and easily-snapping wires.
  • It’s one of the few headsets I’ve seen that is BASS-driven. This is good for both my music-listening and gaming preferences.
  • Nominal Impedance is 32Ω, the same with my PX-100.
  • One year warranty (A4tech warranty, not OCTAGON’s)!


  • The mic is non-adjustable and it’s only 1/2 the length of other standard models.
  • The mic captures nothing but ambient noise. Dada said he hears the background more than he hears me.
  • The headbands are pressing too tight so the cushions will hurt after a couple of hours.

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