Halloween 2010 . . .

High School Friends

(left to right) Vincent, Toni, me, Clari, Alex

My friends and I planned this atsumaru for quite sometime. Since all of us are working in different BPOs and shifts, it became a challenge to setup the meet. We agreed on the date and time after several conversations in Facebook and Yahoo Messenger.

Toni and I met up around 7PM. Alex and Vincent arrived around 7:30PM and we drove to Kamuning. We parked in the Sgt Esguerra Avenue around 8:30PM and picked up Clari. This is the first time Vincent came along with us and he became our “tour guide” LoL! Since it’s late, we decided on cruising Tomas Morato because it’s famous for its night life. We were contemplating on choosing between Tong Yang, Banapple and Chili’s. After much thinking, we decided to dine in Chili’s.

This is our first time there so we had no idea what to expect. I had a hard time selecting from their menu because they’re so darn expensive! They serve American food just like Cajun and Heaven n Eggs. We ordered the Bottomless Tostada Chips, Fish and Chips, Big Mouth Burger Bites, and the Baby Back Ribs and Chicken. I was planning on getting another Baby Back Ribs and Chicken but it’s a good thing that I backed out because the servings were HUGE! A single order is enough for the five of us. We actually had a hard time consuming everything! Aside from the food, the ambiance is really nice. The waiters were also accommodating and even initiated to take our group photos. They also have this gimmick that they’ll sing for you if it’s your birthday.

* photos c/o Toni

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Our dining experience has been great, although I am unsure if I’ll have another chance to go here. It’s far from our place (and it’s darn expensive).


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