Hatred VS Reluctance . . .

Dada is an expert when it comes to making me do things that I do not want doing. He said that it’s not that I do not want doing those things but rather I am reluctant to do them. Most of them became good experiences whereas some still tick me off.

Here’s a list of the things that he coerced me to do…

  • GATA. Any recipe that’s mixed with gata is definitely a no-no for me. I don’t like its color, smell and taste. There was one time wherein Tita Star (Dada’s mom) cooked meat with gata in it. I have no idea what it’s called. Dada took a cup-full, placed it on my plate and asked me to eat it. I had that WTF expression but I don’t want to disappoint him, moreover shun Tita Star’s cooking! I tasted it and it was delicious. Although, that was the one and only time I ate gata… Hopefully never again!
  • EARRINGS. I do not like wearing earrings as they are heavy and they bruise my ears. During our first Christmas together, Dada bought me a gold pair. Blergh! He said I look good when I’m wearing earrings. *blush* I’ve been taking good care of those earrings since I had them. I’ve also bought a couple of earrings afterwards.
  • UMBRELLA. Umbrellas equate to a heavy luggage so I do not like carrying one. I prefer donning a jacket. Dada gets mad whenever I catch a cold or a fever so he bought me a black umbrella from Benetton. I’ve had it for a year until I accidentally left it inside a cab. Since then, I’ve been buying my own umbrellas from Fibrella. Even though it’s cumbersome, I still keep one in my bag as protection from either the scorching sun or the heavy rain.
  • HELLO KITTY. Hello Kitty is one of the clients being catered by Dada’s company. I don’t like Hello Kitty stuff because 1) I am not a cat-person; 2) I DESPISE PINK; and, 3) Hello Kitty reminds me of a former friend. Then, Dada gave me a Sanrio USB flash drive last Christmas of 2009! Blergh! I only use it whenever I direly need it. Other than that, it’s just stashed in my CD rack.
  • WRISTWATCH. I have been donning punk and goth accessories since 2007 — all thanks to my cosplay hobby. Unfortunately, Dada hates my punk bracelets. He said it doesn’t suit me (he likes it when I am kikay and he hates it when I feel more maton than he does). So he bought me a slick ladies’ watch from Sophie Martin. He told me to stop wearing punk accessories. I guess it’s okay – except when I am cosplaying.
  • WAITING. I am not a patient person. I truly despise waiting yet it frequently happens. Sometimes I am late. Most of the time, he’s late. We’ve had a lot of arguments because of this but it never gets resolved — NEVER! I hate it. The odd part about it is we always forgive each other (then the same dilemma will reoccur sometime after). Blergh!

… will add some more in the future, probably…


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