Voice is Essential . . .

The actual laryngoscope used by the doctor.

Oct4. It’s been a year since I last lost my voice. Talking is essential to my job so I had to skip work today and visit an ENT for a checkup.

A new experience I had was that the doctor had to shove a long tube in my throat while he was holding my tongue and he made me do an “E” sound. It was awkward.

He then diagnosed that I have an Acute Pharyngolaryngitis and he asked me to take 3 days of rest. I then profusely coughed; and, I caught a cold and a fever the night after that checkup.

UPDATE: (Oct7) Three days were up and my voice hasn’t fully recovered. I had to visit another ENT for checkup because the previous doctor was MIA. He advised me to take the whole week off and completely rest my voice. I wasn’t paid for five days and I wasn’t able to go out with Dada.

UPDATE: (Oct12) My stay in the office yesterday caused a relapse even though I already asked a colleague to swap seats with me… It was really cold in that room. I lost my voice again — and my condition now is much worse than before. My colleagues asked me to try Pei Pa Koa but it didn’t help at all. I went back to the hospital and had another checkup. The doctor used the laryngoscope again. I never thought that an approval (and extra pay) is required for that particular test until he asked me to get permission from my HMO. Anyway, once all that’s taken care of, the doctor asked me to go on another week of voice rest. Bad thing about it is I will not get paid again. Good thing about it is I get to play more pRO, talk to Dada on YM and troll around forums. Nyahaha! Dada promised that we’d go out this week regardless of my throat’s condition. He also promised to give me marshmallows once I recover. Yey~


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