How I Met My Dada ♥ ♥ ♥

How I Met My Dada ♥ ♥ ♥

This is probably the most unusual, risky but at the same time romantic experience I had in my entire life!

This is how it goes (people who do not know pRO nor MMORPG stuff may not get this, though). . .

During the ßeta days of Philippine Ragnarök Online (pRO), Anki (my boyfriend that time, ex-bf now) and I planned on being the first couple to be wed in-game (using my swordsman and his thief). We invited a lot of Game Masters and our online buddies to attend the ceremony but we still lacked one person — that was the priest.

We were leveling up in the Prontera (the Capital town) fields when we met an acolyte named Deers. Since he was the first priest-to-be that we approached, he agreed on “blessing” us. He said he researched and practiced what to say on the ceremony. Hahaha! He also requested to have his buddy, Rei (an archer) watch the celebration.

Unfortunately, Anki stopped playing pRO before the wedding because he was petitioned by his parents to get Australian citizenship. I also halted because I lost my job and was pressured to help with my mom’s business. Rei and I still talked over the phone, though. His voice reminded me so much of my college friend, Dan, that’s why I liked talking to him.

Several months later, Rei convinced me to play pRO again but we left the Chaos server and moved to Iris for a fresh start. I made a priest named – Rain –. That was the first time I created a FS character. After a week, Rei introduced me to A£endar (knight) and ay1ko (swordsman), which he said were his friends. He then told me that the knight was actually the alternate character of Deers.

A£endar and I often party-up during night time and got to talk more. I told him that Anki went abroad and he didn’t have the chance to play since foreign IP addresses were blocked from entering pRO servers. He also told me his real name and we often talk on the phone. Because we were getting close, Rei often teased us and he said I might have a crush on him (A£endar). I told him I got scared because his voice was intimidating and the picture that formed in my head was of a tall, fat nerd with thick black-framed eyeglasses. Hahaha!

We were supposed to meet up on the War of Emperium launch in Glorietta but I didn’t have enough cellphone credits to tell him where I was. I won in the Senior Division of the fan-art contest while Alodia won the Junior division. She mocked my drawing and told her “friends” that theirs were much better. Well, too bad ‘coz I nailed it and they didn’t! LoL! Anyway, that’s another story. XD

I played pRO and announced to my guild-mates about my victory. Deers (yes, A£endar revived Deers and he is now a full-fledged priest) then sent me a private message telling me that he and his friends were in the event too. He said he saw someone who he thought was me and he just wanted to make sure. The way he described the girl he saw didn’t match with my features so what I did was I gave him a link of my Yahoo profile which contained my most recent picture.

We then talked on the phone for several hours. We sometimes ran out of things to say and we would stay quiet for 20 minutes or more – sometimes he sang, sometimes I sighed, sometimes we said “hello” to check if the line’s still active. He then confessed his feelings to me “You are out of my league but I think I love you.” he said. I said “thanks” and “sorry” because I was not ready to give up my relationship with Anki. He said he was willing to wait for my answer.

I made some thinking the following day. It’s been six months since Anki left and only made phone calls once a month. He even greeted me “Happy Anniversary” and I told him “It’s not something I can consider ‘happy’ but it’s okay.” Before he left, he promised that he’d go back so we could spend our birthdays together … but when I asked him again when he’d be going home, his reply was “I don’t know, depends on when I’d get my Australian citizenship…” That could take another year or two. I am not strong enough to continue a long-distance relationship. My love for him slowly faded together with his promise.

Deers and I talked again. I was very anxious but I really wanted to hear his voice. It was a very long night and we mostly stayed silent. I summoned all my courage to say that I love him. I told him that I’ve decided to formally break up with Anki because I want to be with him from now on. I know it’s odd saying “I love you” to someone I haven’t seen IRL but what I feel for him is real.

April 13, 2004 . . . We scheduled our meet-up in the Ayala-MRT station. I was standing in front of Mercury Drug when I spotted a tall guy wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, just like he described what he would be wearing. I didn’t have my eyeglasses on but I had a hunch that it was him — and I was right! He approached me and introduced himself. I was picturing him to have a “nerdy” get-up but it was totally different from what I saw. He’s like a playboy / rockstar! He has all the physical qualities that I like in a guy — tall, chinky eyes and has a deep voice! JACKPOT!!! XD

I gave him a bracelet that I bought from The Bead Shop — it has a capsule with grain of rice (with our names on it) submerged in a blue liquid. I was lucky at guessing because blue is his favorite color. We spent quality time but I didn’t think that he’d be serious with regard to our relationship — it turns out that he is!

The Priest Ran Away with the Bride!!!

This in-game wedding was held a few years after but it's reminiscent to what happened IRL. LoL!

We’ve been together for SIX AND A HALF YEARS now (and still going stronger!!!). WOW! It all started because of pRO. I know that I am very lucky to have him — he has accepted me for who I am, even if I am not pretty. Haha! Relationships that started with chatting or gaming rarely works and I am so happy that ours does. Sure, we still encounter problems and it gets a little bumpy along the way but that doesn’t hinder us from loving each other.

Like what’s engraved on the personalized key-chain I gave him …

“If the things that happened to me never happened … I would never have met you, I would neve have your love and I will never know the true meaning of happiness.”™

Enchanted Kingdom trip 2008

Dada and Bebe goes to Enchanted Kingdom (2008)


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