Cheongsam . . .

☻ Gothic Makeup x Chinese Clothes x Kunoichi Hairdo ☻The Gothic look is part of my systemI have long been wanting to wear a genuine cheongsam but I didn’t have the chance then because those that I found were either too small for my size or  the color was just off. I was only able to wear a custom-made one when I cosplayed as Fei Feiring way back in 2001.

Last Sunday, mom took us to yet another bargain store which is just a few blocks away from the first one. They had four large tables piled up with all sorts of second-hand clothes. I was very enthusiastic because there’s plenty to choose from. I actually wished I had more time for digging because there’s a lot of “precious gems” hidden beneath those junk.

They had many traditional Chinese clothes including the one I snagged — a black cheongsam that’s just my size!!! It was a very awesome deal! They also offered me a red cheongsam but it was too small for my frame. Blergh!

I am so in-love with this dress! ♥


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