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Legends of the Guardians : The Owls of Ga’Hoole

Soren is a young Barn Owl who’s enthralled with his father’s stories of “The Legendary Guardians of Ga’Hoole” … He shares this enthusiasm with his younger sister, Eglantine, while his brother Kludd resents it.

Soren and Kludd accidentally fell off from their tree on the night of their first branching lessons. They were then snagged by the Pure Ones‘ patrol group and were brought back to their fortress to work as either soldiers or pickers. Soren befriended the very frightened Elf Owl, Gylfie. Both of them became pickers while Kludd stayed with the Pure Ones’ queen, Nyra, and became an aspiring soldier. The owlets who’re chosen to be pickers were moon-blinked so they will not resist the Pure Ones’ orders. Soren and Glyfie prevented this, which caught the attention of Grimble (a member of the patrol group). Grimble, realizing that these brave young owls may be his only hope of redemption, taught them how to fly and instructed them to seek the Guardians’ help in defeating the Pure Ones. Soren and Glyfie were then accompanied by two other owls Twilight (a Great Grey Owl) and Digger (a Burrowing Owl); plus Mrs.Plithiver (Mrs. P, a “pink” Black Mamba). They soared over the Sea of Hoolemere and searched for the Great Ga’Hoole Tree where the Guardians live. In their search for these legendary owls, they also learned the value of family ties, friendship, courage and honor. With the help of Ezylryb (the leader of the Guardians’ warriors), they develop their skills to stand up against Metalbeak, Nyra and the rest of the Pure Ones in one epic battle.


This movie is truly breathtaking! I’d let out a deep, relieving sigh every time a chase or action scene is finished. It is also very fast-paced but I never got confused with the story. Although, little kids may not like it and may feel sleepy because, as my little sister puts it, “It’s more action than comedy” … The owlets’ learning curve is something I truly liked. I love seeing the transition of an apprentice into knighthood.

The 3D rendition is very astounding! The characters and the scenery are very realistic. Since owls have big eyes, the animators had the liberty with their expressions. The English accent also added flavor to the film.

The only let-down I see here is that the ending is very predictable… but overall, the experience has been great.

I give it :


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