Simply Us . . .

... less the make-up and fancy clothes.

Since Ferdi visited their house QC, Toni asked us to meet-up and have dinner together. Ferdi and I met up around 8pm. Toni came after about 30 more minutes and Clari came an hour later.

We were very tight with our budget so I suggested that we go to Bulalo Fiesta, a bar and grill just beside Teletech – Novaliches. They serve good food but we didn’t like the service. The waiters were snobbish gays; they didn’t give us an electric fan unless we asked and the food arrived after about 30 minutes pa. The price is also costly yet the servings were too small. I don’t think I’ll be returning here.

Anyway, we were all just wearing house dresses and we didn’t wear any make-up. We just had a little chit-chat about random things with work, love and life.


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