An emotional move . . .

I am completely disheartened when I read the announcement that VOX is closing down. I love that blogging platform because it is user-friendly. I have entrusted it with my memories and secrets since 2007. Unfortunately, that’s how life really is. We have to learn to let go of the ones we love when “that time” arrives.

The VOX admin said that Wordress is a good choice for importing posts. So here I am, trying it out.

The layout became distorted after I imported everything, but I’d like to keep them in their original (unedited and preserved) form. I have to categorize each and every post I made because clicking on each tag brings multitudes of search results from all WordPress subscribers, unlike in VOX wherein clicking on “my” tags will only show “my” posts with that tag. I also need to work on the CSS because it’s too small and I don’t like the available themes.

I hope I get the hang of this soon.


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