Late Night Dinner ( 9 ) . . .

The first and the last time I ate in Yoshinoya was during its opening day in SM Megamall many years ago. I didn’t like their meals one bit so I vowed never to return — EVER!

Then comes Dada suggesting we have dinner there! >.<

He said he recently had lunch there with his friends and he liked it. Dada is really good at convincing me to do some things that I really do not like doing and he’s taking advantage of it … Blergh!


We headed to their Robinson’s Galleria branch after our shift. What surprised me is that although this is generally a Japanese food joint, they serve kimchi and pork dumplings. LoL!

We ordered the Jumbo Plate (Gyudon + Ebi Tempura combo), Sio Mai, Green Tea, Red Tea, and Strawberry Mousse. Although they advertised the Jumbo Plate as “good for two” it just wasn’t enough for the both of us. The serving was too small to be called “jumbo” and the shrimps were so tiny! It’s a good thing that the Gyudon, Tempura and the sauce that came with the meal were tasty. The Sio Mai were okay. I didn’t like their Strawberry Mousse.

Overall, it was an okay dining experience. I know now what and what not to order in case we decide to come back.


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