Spring Cleaning ! ! !

I am not a neat-freak.

I frequently drop the things I need on the floor, make sure they're well-scattered so I can find them when I need them. I hate it when people go to my room and try to rearrange my stuff because when that happens, it takes me a few hours before I can locate a particular object — sometimes I don't find it at all!

My bedroom is quite small and it accumulated much rubbish in due time. It became hard for me to move around and I often trip on sharp objects lying on the floor. Aside from these, I found about a dozen or so crawling bugs, a large spider, a lizard and hatched lizard eggs in my closet! The thought of those bugs crawling on my clothes while I put them on and the spider sleeping beside me gave me the creeps.

I am an avid watcher of Clean House. I've seen people who have messier rooms and how it greatly affected their lifestyle. I certainly do not want to be like them. Besides, Dada is my complete opposite and I don't want him going berserk because of a dirty house.

So, I decided to stop by a hardware store and purchase materials I need for a serious spring cleaning. I bought deodorizers, mops, brooms, window cleaners, soaps, etc which amounted to P1,100! Most of them have been used on that special day.

I also threw away some items I no longer need such as old magazines, toys, shoes, and worn-out clothes. Mom salvaged some of them and some were also donated.

After ten hours, my room is as good as new~!

I plan on maintaining it every week to prevent household pests from coming back.

Stuffed Toys . . .Memento Mini-Shrine ~ ~ ~Closet Malfunction . . .My Arsenal ☻ ☻ ☻

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