♥ RED ♥

I have been very busy this weekend, simultaneously attending two events!!! Uhm, I was wearing the same red dress (but not the same lingerie LoL) for two days because I didn’t go home!

July 10, 2010

I got invited to Tito Oscar‘s 60th birthday (he is Dada‘s dad). I really planned on wearing my new red dress but I had no idea that their theme color is also RED — and that it is ONLY for immediate family members! I was uber embarrassed kasi para akong feelingera. Ngars!

The party was held in the Emerald Garden, their family’s favorite Chinese fine dining restaurant. They mostly go here dusing special occasions. EG served a lot of dishes including Yang Chow rice, Shrimp Salad, Steamed Lapu-lapu, Steamed Crabs, Tapa, Chicken Fillet, Noodles with “Pink” Quail Eggs, Kua Pao, fresh fruits and canned sodas.

Dada was very busy that night attending to the guests so I opted sitting next to his friends: Vrian, Ronna, and Rap-rap. He reserved a seat for me in their family table but I declined. I knew that he was busy and I don’t wanna be left alone there. At least I won’t get bored when I’m chatting with his best pals and their their family-friends (who happen to be our neighbors).

Even though I opted eating on a separate table, I still checked up on Dada and thought if he was doing okay. He became grumpy when I declined his offer a while ago. When he finally sat down, I immediately went to their table and hugged him. I explained to him why I opted not to join their table.

Tita Star gave me a pack of polvorón after the event and they also accompanied us to the nearest bus stop.

July 11, 2010

Dada and I went to SM Megamall after lunch, hoping to watch Despicable Me. Unfortunately, it’s not released yet locally. We strolled around the mall, thinking of things to do, then we bumped into some teenagers wearing wigs. I soon recalled that there’s a convention going on, which is the I Ai Animé — “I ~Love~ Animé” when translated. Dada said this is the perfect time for us to spot the AWESOMERS and the FAILS of cosplay. LoL!

Each ticket cost P100, which is the usual rate for local conventions. When we got in, we found so much moving space that it’s baffling! Yes, it is. Most conventions are jam-packed and a lot of con-goers often occupy the whole 5th floor! Today was undoubtedly different as there’s not much crowd and not much booths. Although, my eyes still feasted on some Lolita stuff and a few awesomers. I managed to buy Lolita stuff from Jaja, the same cute seller from OtakonEK ’08.

Dada took photos of some cosplayers using my cellphone but most shots are either too dim or too blurry. Darn, I regret leaving my camera at home!

We didn’t bother staying too long since there’s nothing much to see. We stopped by Dairy Queen to have ice cream before going to the arcade and played Guitar Hero. We had dinner in Cajun around 6PM. It was getting late and I have work tomorrow so Dada and I had to go home early.

Sigh, I waited for this weekend for a long time and it passed by so quickly! I had so much fun, though. This is also the first time that Dada and I were both wearing red! LoL!

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