Late Night Dinner ( 6 ) . . .

Shakey's SundaeMojos 'n' DipSolo Pack ChickenManager's Choice
I was feeling awful the whole day because my stomach hasn’t digested all the food I consumed last night. Dada and I strolled around Robinson’s Galleria first to look for a nice gift for Tito Oscar (his dad). We passed by Saizen and HandyMan and browsed for gardening tools (since Tito Oscar likes gardening).

After window-shopping, we decided to have dinner in Shakey’s. I have had both good and bad dining experiences in this restaurant that’s why I only recall going here four times in my entire life. The first time my family went here was when I was still a little girl and I HATED their pizza. Second and third times I went here were with my colleagues from 24/7, both of which were good experiences. Tonight is the fourth time I’ve been here and I had mixed opinions about their dishes.

We ordered a large Manager’s Choice thin-crust pizza, Solo Pack chicken, Mojos ‘n’ Dip, and shakes (Chocolate for Dada and Strawberry for me). The Mojos are REAAAAALLLLLLYYYY delicious! The Caesar Salad dip is also heavenly! The fried chicken is also delicious but the gravy was too bland. As for the pizza, it really didn’t taste good at all. It was kinda salty. I guess that’s how they make it – truly Italian, as compared to Pizza Hut‘s sweet-and-somewhat-Filipino-Style pizzas. I then noticed that most of the people were dining in not because of their pizza, but because of their other dishes. LoL!

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