One hilarious mistake leads to another ! ! !

Toy Story 3 is set ten years after the second sequel and Andy's preparing for college. Most of his toys were either donated or put on a yard sale and only the special ones remained in his room.

Andy decided to take Woody with him while Buzz, Jesse and the others will be stored in the attic. Instead of putting the toys in the "Attic" box, he placed them in a trash bag, which his mom mistakenly thought as trash so she left them on the curb! The toys then thought that Andy no longer wants them and they decide to hop on the donation box heading to Sunny Side Day Care Center.

Woody tried to convince the toys that there has been a mix-up but they did not believe him. Woody left Sunny Side to return to Andy but he failed on his attempt and was found by Bonnie, a cute girl who stashes toys from Sunny Side and takes them to her room.

Sunny Side seems to be a haven for abandoned toys but it turns out to be a prison run by Lotzo, a bear that smells like strawberries. Lotzo despises new toys so he puts all new arrivals to the Caterpillar room, where the wild toddlers unknowingly torture them.

Andy's toys soon realized that everything that happened was a big misunderstanding so they tried to escape with Woody's help. Their goal now is to get back to Andy's room before he leaves the following morning.

Characters that caught my attention:

Woody – he has got to be one of the best PIXAR characters created. Both the animators and Tom Hanks did a great job in bringing this character to life!

Buzz (Spanish mode) – hilarious! I love his dance moves with Jesse on the ending credits.

Barbie and Ken – brings back my Childhood memories. Their "love" tandem is really funny!

Mr. Potato Head – he used a tortilla and a cucumber as his body! LoL!

Monkey with Cymbals –

Totoro – OMG! This is, I think, the first time that PIXAR incorporated an animé figure! Perhaps, they look up to Hayao Miyazaki-san too.

Bonnie – she is a very cute girl and is the female counterpart of Andy

Toy Story (created in 1995) is PIXAR's first feature film which also jump-started the 3D animation industry. Toy Story is also the first PIXAR film that had sequels. It has a very huge impact on animators around the globe. This pioneered 3D films but also almost ended the 2D films (as explained in the WALL-E special edition DVD). According to John Lasseter, it was not their intention to destroy 2D-films but they are encouraging other animators to accept new challenges, learn new things and improve the arts.

I give it :

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