Late Night Dinner ( 4 – 5 ) . . .

Watching any animated film is a double-edged sword for me — I get to enjoy the film twice (with my family and with my boyfriend on separate occasions) but it also results to more expenses. I guess it’s okay since I rarely take out my family on trips. Dada shoulders most of our date expenses too.

I watched Toy Story 3 with Dada right after my shift and we had dinner in Sizzling Pepper Steak. AFAIK, it’s part of the Teriyaki Boy food chain. It’s a Japanese-themed casual dining restaurant which serves western-style food, much like Tokyo Café. The dishes are served in a sizzling hot plate wherein we must flip the meat and stir the rice for them not to be overcooked. The dips and sauces they have for their dishes are also something that amazes me. I tried their new Barbecue Pepper Rice (I think that’s what it’s called) and it’s very delicious! The mango juice is already a staple food for me. LoL!

Next time I watched Toy Story 3 is with my mom, siblings and aunt. This is our first time to watch a Digital-3D film in our very own SM Fairview!!! The prices are much lower here than in other movie houses, probably because the people residing in Fairview are mostly composed of the masses and Henry Sy wants to accommodate most of them.

Anyway, after the movie, we had dinner in Congo Grille. This is a family restaurant that serves mainly Filipino dishes at very affordable prices. We ordered Kare-kare, Sizzling Stuffed Squid, Banana Split, Buko Pandan, a couple of Java rices and watermelon shakes.

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