I love my red hair ☺ ☺ ☺

I recently had my hair rebounded in a salon called Entourage (QC branch) and I loved its outcome so I thought of making a blog related to it. 

I consider my hair as my greatest asset because it’s long and thick. Although, because of our genes, we’re born with naturally curly hair.

I don’t like curls because they’re messy and unmanageable. I always had my hair pony-tailed during my campus days because a little blow from the wind and I’d look like a character fresh from a horror movie — yeah, it sucks! I always envied girls with straight hair. When I got enough dough to have my hair fixed, I never thought twice about it. I have been doing this numerous times since 2005.


  • Aroma Therapy is a more expensive counterpart of Hot Oil, applying natural herb essences. It relaxes the hair strands and softens them. Although, its effects last only until I took my next bath. I thought of it as a waste.

  • Cellophane is a more effective coloring method, although it fades after about 30 days or so. Cellophane not only brings forth the hair color I want, it also makes my hair glossier. To date, I’ve had about five treatments like this. It’s a must every time I had my hair straightened. I tried the Chestnut Brown on most occasions (because that’s also my natural hair color) and then the Chocolate Red just recently. ♥
  • Keratin is something new to me. As explained by my hair stylist, it brings back the protein, vibrance and strength of the hair that has been damaged due to straightening. I have yet to see its effects.

Hair Straightening Methods:

  • Relaxing is a method using strong chemicals that force the hair to straighten. I have had my hair relaxed two times in the F Salon since their branch is near our place. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with them. First time I had my hair relaxed was in June 2007 (for P1.5K) then the next in July 2008 (for 2.5K). On both excruciating occasions, I felt a cold yet burning and sensation on my scalp and on my forehead. The process left scars on my head which disappeared after several weeks – THANK GOODNESS! The effects lasted for about 1 year. Although, when my hair grew, the relaxed parts are very noticeable as shown in one of my Mafia photos. My hair turned kinda stiff too on the second time I had it relaxed.

  • Rebonding uses more subtle chemicals than the previous method but it also shows better results. First time I had my hair rebounded was in December 2009, also in the F Salon. Their ad said “P999 ANY LENGTH” but, to my surprise, it cost me a whopping P4.5K (Rebond + Cellophane) !!! Ah well, it’s done so I had no choice but to pay. Apart from the bitterness I had with the price, I had no qualms with how my hair turned out. For almost seven months, my hair looks naturally straight with minimal frizz (possibly due to my excessive combing)… My colleague told me to try out Entourage‘s Milk Rebonding as it’s very effective yet cheaper. Their entire package (Rebonding + Keratin + Cellophane + Haircut) cost me only P2k! I am very satisfied with both the price and the service. I’ll comment about its effects after a couple of months.

Undergoing these straightening methods will certainly damage the hair so it’s up to us on how we should maintain its health. According to the stylist at Entourage, apart from the split ends, my hair is still in good condition.


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