Hardcore Troubleshooting ? ? ?

My computer’s been randomly crashing for several weeks and it showed me all sorts of BSODs (0x0e, 0xc5, 0x44, IRQL, physical memory dump, etc)! It’s very frustrating because I can’t do the normal things I do when I’m online.

It randomly freezes when I :

  • play any video that’s not from YouTube
  • play MMORPGs
  • run OpenKore bots
  • call anyone use Skype while other programs are running

Troubleshooting steps I did that didn’t resolve the issue:

  • removed / reseated the DDR2
  • tested both DDR2
  • tested both DDR2 slots
  • uninstalled / reinstalled the NVIDIA driver
  • OSRI

Prior to reinstalling Windows, the only website I cannot visit is lunarpanda.vox.com. My computer cannot even ping it. I had to encode my ISP’s proxy server address for it to load. After reinstalling Windows, I can browse that website even without a proxy, but I cannot access Yahoo Mail and some other websites. They show 50% packet losses when I run ping tests. I tried putting the proxy server but the problem wasn’t resolved. On top of that, my computer was still freezing!

I think I’ve already applied all those things I learned during our training with DELL. I was at my wits end so I asked Dada for help. He could only walk me through on the phone since he’s at work. There were instances that I almost lost my patience, though. I was telling him what was happening but there were instances that he seems skeptical so I had to repeat everything I told him until he says “okay.”


Steps that we did:

  • removed the native drivers and replaced them with the actual drivers
  • uninstalled unnecessary programs
  • set BIOS to default
  • removed crap start-up items on msconfig

I bought an AirDuster from CD-R King and used it to clean my PC peripherals. There was so much dirt in them!

The following day, Dada visited our place to try and diagnose my PC further. He streamed 3 videos, opened pRO, ran 2 bots, opened heavily-loaded websites and used Skype to call his friend all at the same time. Lo and behold, my PC didn’t freeze! Ngars! He then smirked and joked that I was prolly missing him much and I made things up so he’d visit my place. LoL! “Wala namang sira e. Sana sinabi mo na lang na bumisita ako, hindi ba? Miss mo lang talaga ako.” he said. We cannot pin-point exactly what caused the problem and what fixed it.


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