Mini “Will Smith” ! ! !

Dada is a Jackie Chan fanatic and I am a fan of Will Smith so we thought of watching The Karate Kid to see what they have in store for the audience. Although Will Smith isn't part of the cast, he is the producer of the film. The main character here is his son, Jaden Smith.

Jaden plays the role of Dre Parker, a 12-year-old boy who migrated to China with his mom in hopes of a better life. He develops a crush on Mei Ying (his violinist classmate) which infuriates their school's top bully, Cheng. He was saved by Mr.Han (Jackie Chan) during one of his ordeals. They went to Master Li's dojo where Cheng trains, but they were turned down and were instead forced into entering a tournament. Mr.Han taught Dre kung-fu using the "jacket technique" LoL! They also traveled to the Wudang Mountains and continued Dre's training to prepare him for uhm … "the fight for his life?" LoL!

The character progression was kinda slow which occupied most parts of the film and the climactic parts were too short. I still enjoyed watching, though. Jaden has improved his acting a lot and his role here may pilot his entire career. Dada and I agree that he's soooooooo much like his father — facial expression, the way he talks, behavior, etc — so we dubbed him "Mini Will Smith" LoL!

*The Original Karate Kid*
This film should not really be entitled "Karate Kid" since the martial arts used here is Kung-Fu but I guess they retained the title because there were tidbits from the original movie that were used as a reference. Miyagi-sensei (Pat Morita) looked subtle while Mr.Han is more rigid.

*Reminiscent to Kung Fu Panda*
The Wudang Mountains has an uncanny resemblance with the Jade Palace and Valley of Peace. The scene where Jaden drank from a fountain that had the Yin-Yang on it reminded me of the Hall of Heroes which housed the Dragon Scroll.

I give it :

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