Late night dinner (3) . . .

Dada said that we haven’t officially celebrated my birthday yet so we decided to watch “Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time” tonight.

We also had dinner in Teriyaki Boy, a casual dining Japanese restaurant. We visit their branch in Robinson’s Galleria often. We ordered our common favorites: Ebi Tempura, Kakiage Tempura, Tamago Sushi, California Maki, Yakimeshi and Mango juice.

I didn’t have lunch so I could dig in tonight but I was very disappointed with how the dishes tasted. They were bland! We had to continuously dip the tempura in the sauce because it wasn’t as appetizing as it looked. Dada joked “Pangit na yung pagkain, pangit pa yung nagluto.” We still consumed everything – they’re expensive so we had to!!!

Tonight was undoubtedly not one of the best dining experiences we had. I hope that Teriyaki Boy redeems itself in case we decide to stop by again.

California MakiMango JuiceTamago Sushi



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