Trip to La Mesa Eco Park (June 2010) . . .

Event : TPG-HD Green Team GIRLS Bonding
Date : June 11, 2010
Venue :
La Mesa Eco Park, Quezon City

My colleagues decided to have our mini-team building in La Mesa Eco Park, a vast garden with lots of towering trees and beautiful flowers.

Even though it is just a few minutes ride away from our house, this is actually my first time going there. I was reluctant at first because not only do I dislike long walks on a hot sunny weather, I was also not very close with most of the girls (when this event was on its planning phase). Even so, the day turn out pretty well — it was exhausting but fun. The anxiety I felt before was replaced by ease and I don't regret my decision of going out with them.

Commuting via a green tricycle from FCM costs P15/person. The entrance fee is cheap at P50, and I got a P10 discount since I am a resident of Quezon City. The reason why the entrance fee is so cheap is because the rest of the park's amenities and "Adventure Zone" activities are expensive. A dip in their pool costs P100; renting a tent costs P500; a bike ride is P80/hr; the zip line, rapelling and wall climbing cost P100 each; boating costs P40 (I think); and the list goes on!

Apart from the cam-whoring, the best thing we did in this trip was the Zip Line. It looks dangerous but it's a thrilling experience! I'd love to try it again but it's darn expensive!

We started the trip at around 11AM and ended at 3PM. Short trip but it was still worth it. When I got home, I took a nice looooooonnnnggg bath (because I was sweating a lot due to excessive walking) before I edited the photos from the trip. ☺

Trees [3]Lotus ?Eco CenterSHELL Flower TerracesTrees [2]

StaircaseEco Park cam-whoring!WELCOME!Ready for the ZIP LINE ! ! !Finale Photo

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