Late night dinner (2) . . .

Dada and I went to TriNoma and watched Iron Man 2. It was a good thing that we got really nice seats. What I like about TriNoma’s movie houses is that the chairs are much more comfy than those in SM supermalls and the side of the armchair can be lifted, which allows me to hug Dada. ♥

After the movie, we had dinner in North Park. It’s a casual dining restaurant which mainly serves Chinese cuisine. I was not familiar with any of their dishes so I felt kinda disappointed for I didn’t know what to eat — furthermore, what taste to expect! I asked Dada to pick the food which he thinks is good because I was totally clueless.

What we ordered were the Best-seller noodles (mixed with black mushrooms, brown mushrooms, shrimp and pork), Sweet and Sour Pork, Yang Chow Rice, Black and White Gulaman with Sago, and a bottle of Coke. LoL! They also served tea prior to the main course. The servings were huge and we were not able to finish everything. Dada had to take the leftovers to their office.

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