Treat ? ? ?

Since Ferdi was not able to go the last time he said he'd treat us out and since he still hasn't fulfilled his promise to us, we had another gathering today hoping that he'd make up for it.

I met up with Toni (who just came back from an out-of-town trip) and Clari (who just stopped by SM Megamall to buy an adhesive tape LoL!) in Figaro – SM Megamall after my Saturday shift. We stayed there for about an hour and it was already 8:30PM but Ferdi was still not around. He was giving another excuse to us; he said he had to attend the wake of his boss's grandfather or something … Toni became furious and was scolding him on the phone. LoL! On the other hand, I asked him if he could just go to the wake after dinner and he said he "will check". I then told Clari again "Wag pilitin. Baka dumugo." (Don't force. It may bleed.) … Whether he comes or not, the dinner will push through.

We began moving our heavy butts because it's nearly closing time. I mentioned some of the restaurants I frequently visit and they got excited when I told them about my shabu-shabu experience in Tong Yang. I told them as well that in case Ferdi's budget wasn't enough, we can just pitch in. They said "Ok."

We started cooking our food while waiting for Ferdi — who arrived after another 45 minutes. All of us had fun preparing our food and we enjoyed chit-chatting while eating. Toni's plate mainly contained shrimp, squid and pork. Clari was so hyped up she gathered much of the seafood, vegetables and tofu! LoL! I gobbled up as much crab sticks as I can get and some other meaty products. Ferdi, I think, got the squid, chicken and barbecue.

Fun part is over, it's now time to pay the tab …

We handed over the bill to Ferdi since he promised that he'd treat us out but to our surprise, he said he's only got P200 in his pocket. The bill was a whopping P2,300!!! We agreed on "filling in" but we never thought we'd be shouldering most of it. It was a good thing that I brought my BPI Edge otherwise we'll be washing dishes that night! It was another WTF moment and I almost lost my cool. I asked Toni and Clari to give me their share because I cannot cover it all. I don't have much money left and that's an unexpected cut from my work-allowance next week.

We stopped by Starbucks to grab a drink before we went home.

After this food trip, I don't think I have any more drive to meet up with friends when things are not planned through.

Take a pick . . ."Whatever" Food (2) ! ! !My plate!Our PLATES!Seryoso sa Pagluluto! LoL ! ! !


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