Late Night Dinner . . .

It’s the last Sunday of the month. Dada and I spent another quality time together and I had so much fun being with him (I am exhausted but very happy)!

Since I was wearing stilettos, I thought walking to Gateway and looking for a casual dining restaurant there was a bad idea. So, Dada and I went to Fairmart instead and had dinner in Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut has been one of my personal faves! Apart from Komoro Soba, this is where Dada and I frequently eat –— whenever we have money to shell out. What we usually order are their best-selling Super Supreme with Cheezzy Pops, the Lasagna Classico, Cream of Mushroom soup and the Black Forest. Aside from the good quality of the food, the “care” we get from the crew is also something that keeps us coming back here. They’re one of the best when it comes to customer service. Good food, good service. ☺

Pizza Hut's Super Supreme with Cheezy Pops!Lasagna Classico & Cream of MushroomTic-Tac-ToeLucky~ ♥Smooch~ ♥

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