Shueisha is Against Scanlations . . .

Shueisha (株式会社集英社)
recently announced their concern regarding illegal copies of manga overflowing on the Internet, known to many overseas fans as "scanlations"

IMHO, scanlations are like a double-edged sword. It can either make or break the animé and manga industries.

I am a supporter of scanlations mainly because I don't know much Nihongo. I also don't have money to shell out for either the Shounen JUMP nor TokyoPop versions of the manga I like.

However, I respect all manga-ka and I know the feeling of being plagiarized so I will support their endeavors.

(¬_¬) (^__^) (O_O) (>.>) (T_T) (o_O) (#_#) (>_<) (TAT) (o_o) (*__*) (<__<) (~__~) ($__$) (@__@)


今、ネット上には漫画を不正にコピーしたものがあふれたいます。これらの『不正コピー』とアップはすべて、漫画家たちの気持ちに反しておこなわれたものです。それて、 『この作品はこう読んでほしい』という作者の意図をも大きくね曲げています。『不正コピー』を作りネットにアップする行為な、たとえそれが気軽な気持ちでおこなわれたとしても、漫画家が心血を注いだ表現活動を傷つけることであり、また法に触れる行為でもあります。




(¬_¬) (^__^) (O_O) (>.>) (T_T) (o_O) (#_#) (>_<) (TAT) (o_o) (*__*) (<__<) (~__~) ($__$) (@__@)

Translation (credits to OneManga) :

To all our readers

There are now many people unjustly posting copies of manga on the internet. These unjust copies are inconsistent with mangakas' feelings. They are also distorting the authors' intentions of "I want the work to be read this way". The actions of posting these unjust copies on the net, into which the mangakas have poured their hearts, are not only hurting mangakas in real life but are also against the law, even if done in a light-hearted manner.

Every time we discover such "unjust copies", we talk to the mangaka and consider every possible countermeasure. But the number of inconsiderate people is great, and at present we cannot deal with all of them. We have a request for all our readers.

The unjust internet copies are deeply hurting the manga culture, mangakas' rights, and even mangakas' souls. Please understand once again that all of that is against the law. Also, the mangakas and Shueisha will severely deal with any unjust copies found on the internet. We ask that our readers please continue to support us.

~ Weekly Shounen Jump editorial department

(¬_¬) (^__^) (O_O) (>.>) (T_T) (o_O) (#_#) (>_<) (TAT) (o_o) (*__*) (<__<) (~__~) ($__$) (@__@)

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