Girl Talk . . .

Clari called me up and told me that Ferdi is finally gonna treat us out for dinner as his token of gratitude since we chipped in for him and his boyfriend last time we went out.

After a rain check, we decided to meet in TriNoma by 6:30PM. Toni, Clari and I were the only ones who arrived. Unfortunately, Ferdi didn't make it. It's another "WTF moment" but I don't want to start another argument. The whole day was about arguments with everybody surrounding me. I was tired of it and I just wanted to relax.

We had dinner in an Italian restaurant with a mouthful for a name — ä Veneto Pizzeria Ristorante … The servings were huge yet affordable. Their "Small" pizza is the equivalent of Pizza Hut's "Medium" … I liked their crab sticks, macaroni and Caesar salad dip.

While eating, we talked about the things happening in our lives and our common interests — mostly about men! We also planned on going to Boracay maybe on July or August. i seriously need to go on a diet now!

PEACE!I'm not sharing my food!Small is huge!April_18 (3)Mmmmm~

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