The Shabu-Shabu Experience . . .

Dad organized a mini-reunion for his former colleagues from Dunkin Donuts. How long has it been? I guess, more than 20 years … They decided to meet-up in Tong Yang, a Chinese hot-pot style restaurant located in the Atrium of SM Megamall. Mom, my siblings and I tagged along. I skipped my overtime for this and it was a good thing I did! ☺

Anyway, Tong Yang serves a wide variety of dishes. They have pork, beef, chicken, seafood, vegetables, sushi, desserts and beverages. The only thing they don't have is rice — which is ironic for a Chinese restaurant.

I DON'T COOK so it was a nice experience preparing my own meal, for once. I didn't burn myself nor set the room on fire. LoL!

Shabu-shabu is NOT FOR THE HUNGRY. Cooking eats up about half an hour or more and it takes patience to get everything "well-done" … This place is only good for large gatherings because people can chat while they are cooking and/or eating.

Tong Yang --- Function Room (1) . . .Tong Yang --- Function Room (2) . . .Tong Yang --- Hot Pot ! ! !Tong Yang --- Function Room (3) . . .

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