MMORPG on Hiatus . . . Console-gaming AMPED ! ! !

I finally have my own Play Station II !!! Wheeeeeeee~~~~

Toy Kingdom (SM Fairview) had a package deal of P8k. This includes the modified console together with a power adapter, an RCA plug, two analog controllers, a bag, an 8MB memory card, a basic Guitar Hero controller, and a Guitar Hero III : Legends of Rock CD.

I know it's already considered as an old console, but it's the only one affordable enough for purchasing at the time. I should've told Dad to buy this one rather than a separate DVD player but I guess it's okay since I am more of a gamer than a movie buff.

A few years ago, I wanted to play Final Fantasy X but I had no money to purchase a PS2 and Dad refused to buy me one because he said I was getting old for games. Anyway, past is past. I think I will look for a FFX game some other time. For now, I'm addicted to Guitar Hero (all thanks to Dada) !!!

The GH controller I have is much lighter than the ones we used in the arcade but it's okay since Popay wouldn't feel too lazy when carrying it (she hates carrying heavy stuff). We've been practicing every night but so far, we've only succeeded on the EASY mode. I may be better with the MEDIUM mode in the coming weeks *crosses fingers* …

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