Pets ! ! !

We've had many pets. Some of them, we've had since I was a toddler. Digital cameras and the Internet were not available to the public before so we were not able to preserve earlier photos.

Most of our pets are mongrels that were handed down from family members, neighbors and friends.

Happy (1986-1992) — She’s the very first dog that we had. We derived her name from the local toothpaste brand. She’s been with us for seven years. Since she was our very first dog, she was well-pampered and she even celebrated her birthdays. She died due to old age.

Choco & Smokey (1990-1997) — They were the puppies of Happy. Their names were derived from the color of their fur. Choco had chocolate-brown fur while Smokey had 3 color mixes – white, brown and black. Both were very fierce and were very notorious in our village. They’ve bitten about four or five of our neighbors. They died due to old age as well.

Tyson (1997-??) — She was brought to us by our Tita. She’s a doberman (a feisty one). She was never the pet-type. She’s more like our guard dog. She was always in a cage because of it. She died due to an infection on her thigh.

Shampoo (1997-??) — Shampoo’s our ONLY pet cat. I named him after the shape-shifting babe from Ranma 1/2. Yes, he’s a “he” … I found him being badly beaten up by street kids when he was just a small kitten. Mom allowed me to take him home and I gave him a girl’s name because I didn’t know that he’s a male. LoL! I only found that out as he grew older.. He was castrated at an early age, possibly by his previous owner. We took him with us when we moved from Caloocan to Novaliches. Although, he’s more of an alley-cat-at-heart than a house pet. He’d often sneak out of the house whenever he had the chance. When he became an adult, he rarely went home and would only enter my room (via the window) to sleep on my pillow. Since he’s often away, we failed to look for him when we moved from Novaliches to Fairview.

Bisoy (1998-??) — He was also from our Tita, brought to us all the way from Visayas. Mom dubbed him as the ugliest dog there is but we loved him, nonetheless. I can’t remember how he died.

Cookie and Chacha

Cookie (2000-??) — We named her that because of her fur color. She was given to us by our cousin. She’s one of our friendliest dogs and she is the best mommy to our other pet dogs. She grooms and feeds her puppies very well. She had many puppies but most of them were given away to friends and family members. Tita gave her to a Taho hawker when she was in her old age. I never saw her after that — nor the hawker.

Chacha (2003-2009) — We named her after the animé character. She is one of Cookie’s two puppies that stayed with us. She was mostly approachable unless she was eating. She never likes to be touched while she’s munching on her favorite food. She died due to a skin infection.

Cosmo (puppy)

Cosmo (grown-up)

Cosmo (2004-2007) — Popay named him after the dim-witted fairy from the Fairly Oddparents. He is also Cookie’s pup. He is our biggest dog so far. Despite his size, he was very sweet and likable. We always had him in a leash because when he’s on the loose, he thrashes a lot. His death was one of the most dramatic and tragic ones we’ve witnessed. He got out of the house one rainy evening and we didn’t see him for two days. We were very worried! When he got back, he was very wet, dirty and sickly. We tried to feed him but he refused. He died shortly after New Year’s Eve.


Wanda (2007-present) — She’s a Havanese whose name was also from the Fairly Oddparents cartoon. She’s got big beady eyes and a long white fur. She’s very friendly even towards people who are new to our place. She never bites people. What is odd about this dog is that she gets tickled whenever we touch her lower spine.

Sandy (2008-2009) — Sandy is also a doberman. popay named her after the Spongebob’s friend squirrel. She was brought to us when she’s already a year old. She was very frightened during the first two weeks that she saw me. She rarely went near me and would often show her teeth whenever I tried touching her. I only got to pet her after staying on our doorstep staring at her while I fed her. She became friendly to me but I never got to pet her much. She was murdered by one of our neighbors and we never found her remains.


Sponge (2008-present) — Sponge’s name was derived from Spongebob. He’s Sandy’s sibling. I also had a hard time petting this dog. He would always hide in one corner whenever I approached him. After feeding him and talking to him for weeks, he began to trust me. Sandy and Sponge often ate in one big bowl at the same time but she always seemed to overpower him. Despite Sponge’s glaring eyes and huge figure, he’s very timid and will only bark at other dogs wandering on the streets. He is very sweet! What I don’t like about him is he keeps biting my hand and jumping at me whenever I come home. He gets very excited! LoL!


Sweet (Feb 2010 – July 2010) — She is one of Sponge and Wanda’s first batch of puppies, born on Feb 14. Leidi gave her to one of her classmates, much to Popay’s dismay. Her name was changed to Inoo. (Update July 11,2010) A car hit her on the streets and she died instantly. Rest in peace, Sweet. we really miss you.


Heart (Feb 2010-Present) — She is one of Sponge and Wanda’s first batch of puppies, born on Feb 14. She looks like a cross between a Chow-chow and a tiger. LoL! She’s got her father’s eye color. She’s very playful and often overpowers her siblings. She’s my fave. ♥ (Update June 2010) She has been donated to one of mom’s amigas.

Tart (Feb 2010-Present) — She is one of Sponge and Wanda’s first batch of puppies, born on Feb 14. She is the noisiest one and would often cry on our doorstep, begging us to let her inside. LoL! (Update June 2010) She has been donated to one of mom’s amigas.

Soda (puppy)

Soda (Feb 2010-Present) — He is one of Sponge and Wanda’s first batch of puppies, born on Feb 14. He’s the unico hijo and is the most timid too. He’s a carbon copy of Sponge, except for the eyes and nose. (UPDATE SEPEMBER 2011) Soda’s been donated to the owner of the bargain store which mom frequently visits.

Star (Feb 2010-Present) — I was on my way to work when I found this mongrel taking a nap on our front door, wrapped in mom’s dirty jacket. I took pity on it so I asked mom to give it shelter while we look for its owners. Apparently, none of our neighbors wanted to claim her. She’s so adorable and despite her being a mongrel, she’s quite tamed. I want to keep her but I know mom will not let her inside the house. (UPDATE September 2010) We found out that the previous owner is Royette Padilla. He refused to take it back saying that he can’t take care of a sickly puppy. Mom managed to get her another owner.

Cotton (September 2010-Present) — He’s one of Sponge and Wanda’s second batch of puppies born on September. There were four others but they were sold to different people. Cotton resembles Soda — he’s the smallest amongst his siblings and also the cutest, but unlike Soda he’s very active.


Noeh (March 2011-Present) He’s one of Wanda’s third batch of puppies. He’s as tiny as Cotton but his black and white fur make him so adorable. I originally wanted to name him “Oreo” but mom opted to give this puppy a Biblical name. Sheesh! Only Noeh and noah were left from the litter. The rest were given to neighbors. (UPDATE August 2011) Noeh’s been donated to one of mom’s amigas.

Noah chewing on my finger

Noah (March 2011-Present) Despite the name, Noah is a girl. She’s the only girl among Wanda’s third batch of puppies. She resembles her mother so much. We hope that she grows up all furry and fluffy as well. LoL! (UPDATE SEPEMBER 2011) She’s been donated to the owner of the bargain store which mom frequently visits.



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