Surprised ! ! ?

Dad came home and surprised all of us. He said he wanted to patch things up with Mom.

One of the things he planned on doing is to take us all out of town. They were thinking of going to Puerto Gallera the following week but we thought that a ferry ride is too risky for people who don't know how to swim — Mom and siblings. So, we ended up going to 88 Spa. Our stay wasn't as exciting as when Dada and I first got there. I felt some sort of restraint. I then concluded that measuring the excitement of one trip is not about the beauty of the place but it's the company you get from the people who're with you during the entire trip.

Dad also bought a black Toyota Innova. I am not into car specs so I don't know its features but I like it because it's comfy. Aside from the out of town trip and the car, Dad also bought me a Sony DVP-NS15 and a 40" Sony Bravia!!! Whooohooo!!!

Sony Bravia KDL 40 ! ! !Sony DVP NS1538PToyota Innova

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