Even headphones need repairing . . .

I went to TriNoma to browse for new headphones. I was eying for the Sennheiser HD218 but I instantly backed out when I tested one on PowerMac's demo section. It lacked MUCH of the bass that my Sennheiser PX-100 has. I was very disappointed and relieved at the same time because I almost bought one online — good thing I didn't!

I came across the Audio-Technica ATH-SJ1. It is a circumaural portable headphone and has a louder output than most of the ones I tried on. The bass is good enough but there's this distinct treble that somewhat ruins it. If I don't control the volume of my FiiO E5, I'd either go deaf or get frustrated with the music. It is nice but it still wasn't at par with the PX100's awesomeness.

My PX-100's plug got busted and only the right channel was functioning properly. I needed to wiggle it a bit for both channels to work. I called up the Sennheiser service center but they said that I need to take my headphone to the shop where I bought it they they'd pick it up from there. They said I cannot directly go to them as they don't have any technicians available. Bah! I already lost my receipt a couple of months ago. >_>

Thank the Geeks for the Internet! I inquired through online forums about people who could actually repair headphones for a cheaper price. Luckily, there's one! David is the ONLY trusted freelance repair dude capable of fixing branded headphones here in the Philippines. He repaired my PX-100 within a week. It's now as good as new!

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