Skechers D’Lite ~ ~ ~



It’s been a year since I bought my Adidas Allegra 2. I looked at the old photo and compared it to its current situation and I felt soooooo sorry because it looks so different!!! I’ve used it almost everyday and it became very dirty and worn out. I think I only washed it for maybe 3-4 times. LoL! 

Dada lent me some money when we went out shopping so I was able to buy a new pair of running shoes from Skechers. The fit is perfect and the cushion is sooooo soft as if I’m bouncing! Whenever I walk, I feel like I’ve gained a few inches in height too. LoL!

Most of my shoes are from Skechers and I never thought twice about buying stuff from them.

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One response to “Skechers D’Lite ~ ~ ~

  1. I have two pairs of Sketchers; one pair is brown and look like soccer shoes, and the other pair are black and silver. Both are super comfy! Although, the black ones have developed a hole in the front where the curved, rubber front part has separated from the softer material. I will definitely get replacement Sketchers because it's true what you said about fit and cushioning. 😀

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