My Cosplay Database (衣裳のデータベース) ! ! !

compiled all the costumes I wore during the past conventions and photoshoots to form my own Costume Database. Hahaha!

There’s only a few of them … I really don’t consider myself as a cosplay-addict yet. I’m more like the “casual” type. As much as possible, I also don’t cosplay famous characters and I prefer original get-ups because it’s hard for me to look for an established character that suits my personality (plus, I am also not good at accepting criticism).

Thanks to everyone for the support!


“For the Love of Cosplay!!! ” ­™Meiko

My Cosplay Survey (FaceBook): [link]
Dream of Doll - IreneBellato Ranger Level 50 (female)闇の婦人 - The Raven

edit: sorry, i deleted my cosplay DB a long time ago. i will edit this when my laziness disappears.


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