It’s been a while . . .

Leidi and I did some shopping the whole afternoon in SM North before she went home and I headed to SM Fairview.

Around 7PM, I met up with my old high-school friend, Claribelle. Toni, Bareng and Daqs were not able to make it. Toni attended a mass, Daqs went to Australia and Bareng never replied.

Clari and I had dinner in Tokyo Tokyo then headed to Starbucks to have more chitchat. It's been a long time since we last saw each other and four hours were not enough to tell stories about our lives. I had so much fun squeezing ten years of gossip into an instant! I revealed to her some things that was unknown to her — post-highschool crushes, karma to the maniacs and bullies, untrue friends, etc.

We both agreed that many people have changed — including us. Some heartthrobs became nobodies, some nerds became hotties, some became gays, some became lesbians. Some are successful with work, love and life while some are not. Despite the changes, we have not deviated much from the beliefs we had during our teenage years. The traits we had then are still a part of us. We are still playful yet true to ourselves.

I told her that I already have a dress for the Alumni Homecoming and I will surely go if they would too. She said she was anxious because we're not that close to other batch-mates and we might not enjoy it. I told her that the food and ambiance would be enough to cover that! LoL!

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